06 July 2007

Weasel Pro

Just want to let you guys know about this wonderful little kit that I have owned and flown for the past 6 months or so. You will not find more fun in a glider than this one - guaranteed. Earlier this year, Arthur van Niekerk and I went to Tamatieberg outside Volksrust, and when all others were falling out of the sky due to no lift, the Weasel just kept on, riding the ridge wave quite happily. When the wind picks up, simply tape some lead under the CG position, and off you go. Combat is no problem either, because the others just can't catch you, and if the do, the recovery is quick and simple because of the Weasels light weight (13oz). Truly a versatile design by young Michael Richter of Santa Barbara, USA.

My kit came to me new in box from a chap in Nelspruit who owned two, and was willing to sell one in order to buy the local version called a Palooka (now renamed a Vamoose), which Arthur bought for comparison purposes. According to him, there is not much difference between them, but the Weasel is definately the better of the two. We are waiting for Arthur to finish his Vamoose (yes, he has one of those also), and then it will be interesting to compare all three. Watch this space.

Mine was put together by Jacques Pretorius, my neighbour, because my building skills are nil, and was recently recovered by Arthur, following the pounding it has endured from my (lack) of piloting skills.
So, do yourself a favour and order one today from Michael.(http://www.dream-flight.com/) with the exchange rate at 7:1, plus customs charges, you should land one here for R550. The cheapest way to have fun with your clothes on. Do eeeet!!

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Anonymous said...

Can you send me the measurements of a Weasel? I have a CNC cutter and a piece of EPP and would like to build one.
gnieuwoudt at telkomsa dot net