17 December 2009

Project X "Toksix" takes to the air

The 16th provided sunny and windy conditions that derailed a visit to the Gromor fly-in but provided perfect conditions for a mid morning visit to Winston Park for the bare bones maiden of the Russ Conradt developed and built "Toksix".
The second shot captures the launch a fraction of a second after leaving Russ's hand. The Winston Park site still a magic local venue and the conditions were perfect. The aim was for an ideal blend of wing performance and fuselage aerobatic shape and the combination proved flawless with Russ now moving to the fuselage glassing final stage.

A pat on the back for those working out how the name evolved. ;-)

It was also the first perfect occasion for Dave at last getting quality time on the Prodij and benefiting from some trim advice from Russ. Well worth the wind burnt face the day after!
We were joined by Umdloti Electron's Mark and Clair Phillips and Mark had the best ever session on his "Hooker" Phase. The final pic of Mark revelling in the perfect conditions.

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