23 December 2009

Ze Ultimate parkie aileron trainer?

Mark picked up this little gem parkie, called "Rainbow" from Fun Fly for a measly R260. It was covered in clear wrap so he replaced with iron on covering and passed to Paul. Paul then bolted the little cheapie Witblitz suppo motor (nogal), cheapie green 800mah pack and two strips of sticky lead to balance, it has a very short nose obviously originally intended for something far more gufty. After a couple of sorting sessions, Paul is now happily trundling around at telephone height on half throttle. The craft is absolutely viceless and will not stall despite the neutral elevator trim - it happily hangs on the prop at 60 degree nose up angle and simply will not bite. Much can be attributed to the friendly fat wing section but we are still at a complete loss to explain the lack of stall, it just mushes and refuses to drop a wing - magic for novice aileron flying.
Mark's E 2M RE now with a commercial pylon and some colour trim, all ready for some Drakensberg flying. Also tested fine and looking forward to the sms when it achieves its first 20 minutes thermal flight in the Drakensberg. These pre work 6:00am flight test sessions go so damn quick and it is suddenly 7:45am and time for work!

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