18 December 2009

Winston turns it on - 16 December - Russ's perspective

There are some days when you make the right call, and yesterday was one of those days. On the way to Gromor, a call to Dave prompted a diversion to Winston Park and maiden the Toksix. What waited for us could never have been pre-empted. Booming lift to the heavens saw a call to a sickly Mark who promptly arrived, with better half Claire in the navigators seat, (a trip to the Pot and Kettle for a woman is never to be sneezed at, no doubt the budget took a dent). Mark thoroughly enjoyed his session with the Hooker Mid phase although a superb landing by Dave, with a fluttering fin trying to convert itself to a v-tail due to partially coming loose.

By his own admission, Dave acknowledged that we don't use these occasions when the wind comes through. Dave certainly enjoyed getting back to flying the cross tail Prodij, and a twiddle on the sticks left me wondering if I shouldn't be getting one of those for the Toss event.

With my new project Toksix, I was apprehensive to say the least, for me personally Winston has always been a venue with the most difficult landing zone, I have broken my Toko's there, too many times to mention. The raw balsa fuz of the Toksix was sure to go home in pieces, but the fear was taken away with two perfect touchdowns. Now to glass the 200gram structure and paint in time for the Toss event.

The best was saved for last as a magnificent Black eagle cruised up the hill from low on the left, being bugged by the ever present yellow billed kites, I was a bit slow in getting my camera, but its wingspan was easily as big as Dave's Prodij.

What an enjoyable couple of hours with friends and my daughter Kelly even enjoying the peace of this truly remarkable piece of hill.

Till next time, I am in the workshop building Phase Six fuzzes for two of my mates!!!!

A very satisfied sloper

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