02 March 2010

Last retro I promise..... ;-)

I had completely forgotten talk of an even earlier slope Nats at the Kloof golf course site in '72 - until seeing this Brian pic of nice spread of craft on that magic slope (all gone now in to Eagles crest development). Pardon if there is some re-posting in this lot....

This ad hoc pic of big man Ernie Morrison launching during that era probably mean little to most but he was one the first thermal bods, along with Bob (now Rob) Howse and Mike Sparks that I saw at my viewing of a Natal Thermal champs at Cato Ridge, won by Chris Goble, who my Dad knew from Barlows. That's what sparked the thermal bug. The reason for this post was because Ernie's son Mike Morrison became a legend by rolling his Dad's car down Cliffdale (so I was told ;-)

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