02 March 2010

A local slope provincial or nationals.......?

I tripped over these again while looking through Brian Broad's pics he passed to me on disk. I have been spluttering excuses to the Toss guys on why we could not put something on up here. When one looks at the Natal '73 slope pic and the other '74 Key Ridge slope Nats pics below that, we are wussies......

This Basil (anyone know who?) launching off the NE part of Cliffdale, looking at Alverstone.

The slope judges - could easy be the Toss judges some 36 years later.... ;-)

Local legend Monte Malherbe. The rocky launch area is misleading, if one landed back from the launch area, there is only flat top lush green grass at Cliffdale....

About to launch at the '74 Nats.

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