08 March 2010

Population growth in Wipeouts......

Mark's and my experience so far has been that the distinctive "stripe" tween the white and colour, in contrast to the solid white underneath, is extremely effective for visibility. Mark retained this for the [top pic] Dave clone version, timed at under two hour build.

Paul [middle pic] inverted the contrast, still managing to keep the visibility - the pic does it no justice and the silver fin looked really neat. This craft scored best with me by virtue of its lightness on the 800 ma pack and felt the sweetest on the sticks. Short flight and Paul will sort the minor issues.

Simon/Ryan [bottom pic] reverted to the original "Park Shark" blaze of colours and should still be as visible, time will tell whether the whit stripe should have been retained. Mike Smith went away clutching some tracings to fit to his new cheapie brushless motor and will hopefully bear the lightness aspect in mind.

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