02 February 2011

Two Oceans Slope Soarers 2011 aerobatics

Whew, Toss managed to offer up scary perfect weather for the third year in succession, probably nigh impossible for sloping anyhwere else in South Africa.
The 55kmh awesome wind for the Friday practice at Smitswinkle was only topped by the perfect aerobatics blow for Saturday at Red Hill.

The new generation moldies were so impressive up front that we thought slam dunk but the good pilots came through with a variety of of craft. Mark Wolfe got back to winning form with his seventies Primeus, big Louis even surprised himself with an excellent second with the Toucan (yes, bog stock Anton Benning Models Toucan), Steve Meusel third with the OD two week quick build 8020 using a Bobby Purnell fuse and Kev Farr was top moldie in fourth with the Vector.

A useful spread on results, glorious weather and the normal TOSS warm hospitality made for another magic weekend.

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