14 February 2011

More foamy buzz for your buck

One gets some damn fine tips off RC Groups. The foamie Fastcat in the pic was a cheapie off the net that was "ok" on the Velocity 2700kv brushless motor, but did not set my world alight like the Velocity itself.
Then I read about this gem motor on RC Groups, where some speed freak had his Fastcat taking off vertically like a rocket on four cells:

Turnigy 2836 Brushless 450-Size Heli Motor 3700kv
Dimension: 28mm x 38mm, 53mm(with shaft)
Weight: 70g
Max performance;
Voltage: 3-4S
Current : 30A
Power: 700W
For 450 size Helicopter

A quick Google will no doubt identify the motor source.

I must caution that I did build in a main spar for the Fastcat, up front, nevertheless deciding to proceed on the side of caution and try the motor first with three cells instead of four, using my trusty Hyperion 1800mah pack. A 4.5x4.5 prop was the smallest I had but would have preferred closer to 4x4.
The first test was literally at sunset in no wind. I must say the first test rev woke up the butterflies in the tummy and I decided to launch asap before I chickened out. I have never had a small model head for the heavens from the hand launch so fast, like this one did, in fact almost disappearing in to the gloom before I could react to close the throttle. The first flight was magic but the pilot probably a bit too tense and throttling in short bursts, just in case anything started to overheat. The combo was only just gently warm after landing, whew.
Another sunset launch last night offered some enjoyable jet style flight and, whilst it does not make the howl noise of the Velocity, it is obviously going fast, verrry fast, for a foamy. I suspect four cells may just be too silly fast for yours truly.....
Thus the onset of the grin which just won't go away....... ;-)

For those contemplating this R200 plane and R200 motor, a couple of minor points:
1. The roll rate with the common sub micro servos is scary. It does not look a helluva of physical movement on 100% rate but you will still get twinkle rolls without frightening yourself on 70% roll rate, be warned.
2. The elevator is huge and the quoted movement same but do not be tempted to reduce the gross elevator throws as the craft is magically pitch smooth and badly needs the control movement on landing approach, or you will run out elevator. Maybe the quoted CG is too forward but the plane flies fine inverted so I will leave be.
Otherwise this has to be the best buzz bang for buck el'cheapo combo that I have enjoyed so far.

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