12 July 2011

Flying Colours

[Click on pic for full size to read text - Natal Mercury 11 July 2011]

Some decades ago, Neil Allen in the early days of his "Neils Natter" motivated how one really only has oneself to blame if whining about a lack of material or outside support for one's publication. I have always subscribed to Neil's principle in my own efforts, especially for blog writings where one finds there is always a wealth of stuff to publish.

Recent submissions have been scuppered by Vodacom Red having the blues and the cockroach Vodacom Edge being useless for net access. For this bit of history in the making though, I just had to make a special effort to publish, hot off the press!

Michel has burst on the full size aerobatics scene with a couple of wins under his belt already and Russ has been charming us all to go support Michel at the Virginia Airshow this Saturday coming, hardly a hardship.

Despite succeeding at all kinds of flight related contests, Michel, along with another RC power aerobatics exceller, Marc Wolfe, have both been moved to mention to me that they both still like to return to their roots in RC soaring, even after all the heady successes. Kind of says it all for me. ;-)

Another name that also pops out of the magazines after he trounced us Kzn'ers in Toss 2011, is Louis Genade. With these three talents plus the proven Steve Muesel and the wealth of Cape slope skills, one can only gleefully look forward to an awesome TOSS 2012 aerobatics compo. Oh ja, not to forget the magic hospitality and special vibe that goes with it all.

My job is now to bait the Highveld and Eastern Cape in to fielding teams of their own for Toss 2012. It remains to be seen if they have the stones......?

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Michel Leusch said...

Hi Dave your words are too kind ;-)
This TOSS 2012 will be a great event as always.....a previlage not everyone has experienced....yet...Ziggy??? . People have been complaining about the availabilty of aerobatic slope soarers,including myself,but when i saw the designs of Ziggy and Rus i could not help but be motivated to try and build something.This turned out to be one of the high lites of my ( albeit limited)scratch building career.The help and support from everyone involved has been great, and this is what brings me back to sloping everytime. ITS WHAT SLOPING IS ALL ABOUT! P.S. sorry about spelling,spent way too much time on sringfield during english priod.