18 July 2011

Russ's Ziggynanda fly and braai

Luke's Flying Fish molded slope flyer

Here's hoping IE9 somehow lets me publish this update...... Russ and Michel "rustled" up a suprisingly big group of folk for Sunday's braai and fly - this as a draft run for maybe getting the Cape lads up for an inter-provincial get together in September. Even the ladies present were quite taken with the pristeen site and idylic view. There were some brand new sloper faces, including the two Riaans, Reghard and Mike. The first Riaan with the gasbag flying above his head in one of the pics and the other with the flyer missus in the pics, which will gladden Michelle Goodie's heart. Reghard's scale Fox from Cloudbase Composites was also great to see.

As twice before, I thought the conditions too iffy to even leave home but was not about to be caught out for a third time - just as well because, although scary light, there was ample lift for the lighter soarers. The new Luke/Michel "Fish" sloper (the dismantled white plane in the pics) almost made a mockery of things by tearing around as if it was e-powered - just shows to go that the clean moulded craft with amazingly well sealed hinge lines is just the ticket, from China. Sean Ollermann had a ball with the smilar e-powered Swift that was scary fast, even with motor off. The third projectile of interest was Luke's foamy with e pusher motor that went like a banshee at 750 bucks complete, barring radio gear. All these available from Luke/Michel.

Johan Moelich even flew in the area behind the cars with his new quad copter and it was magic to see Hilton and Rudi Smook at the slope. Adi was furthest travelled from Port Shepstone and Mike Smith eventually worked up the courage to enjoy a flight with the Graphite 2 metre.

Enthusiasm is infectious and the Pietermaritzburg pair of Johan and Adrian were there bright and early with a bakkie full of slopies!

Ryan Nelson's Multiplex foamy was the only casualty although it took some careful fetching to retrieve the teeny little foamy Cessna which flew pretty well with no prop for pretty much a toy.

Russ finished off a magic afternoon outing by hosting us to a braai at his home, thanks Rascal. There is now talk of every second month, which would be magic.

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glenglider said...

Flip man, and I didn't attend because I thought the wind was too loght and in the wrong direction!! My loss and lesson learned I suppose - next time I'll be there for sure.