23 July 2007

Verulum / Inanda slope site on the KZN north coast

Russ's sneak peak from this past Saturday. Brian Duckitt, Les Ward, Derek Dillon, Dion Thompson and Dave Greer trying this quite unique remote slope spot on the KZN north coast. Remote but actually closer by tarred road than Springfield for us north coast folk. The locals rare but fortunately there on this occasion to retrieve Derek's Miss America EPP Bee.

The township looks way closer in the pic than reality as the mountain is pretty high and the uniqueness is cause the table top area is terraced for pilot butts and provides a surprising dead zone from the chilly South Wester. Landings are a doddle for foamies but require discipline for crunchies to land out of the dead air rotor zone. The lift is eerie smooth but constant and the west side has quite an intimidating drop toward the Inanda dam area - only Russ having experience of that West side, which blew his socks off......

Early days and exploration goes on before settling on a North East option in this slope rich area, located by Dion Thompson through Google Earth.

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