31 July 2007

Freebie Wing Profile program and useful sections

Often being asked where to source a freebie wing profile program and useful sections, this becomes a useful place to keep the links. There has also been a fair bit of RC Groups comms on the PW wing sections for flying wings by Peter Wick and these useful sections, along will the profile program and sub directories of other sections are downloadable here:



The larger 1.6 meg exe file installs the program (only 252 k) plus data files. Always use "Section choose" rather than file open and remember to change the default subscript option "cor" to "dat" for the many available sections out there. The 252k program itself easily located on the net by searching for profile and Frankie Arzu.

The natter on the interesting PW sections here:


Of interest in the RC Group comms was the "Windfreak" thermal flying wing from the late 70's and early 80's, probably the only flying wing I read of in RC Soaring Digest in succeeding in beating the normal gas bag thermalers at the time. Really looks the part for gas bag builder like Fred Wittstock....

Bigger pic and plan files here:

An electric verison in Italian (run through Babel) at this neat site:


Beppe said...

A great realization, indeed. The flying images of the Windfreak (available on this web site) give a very good feeling regarding a real top level performance of this model. Well done Giorgio.
John Addict

Anonymous said...

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