26 July 2007

Little Foamie Trainers

Been looking out for a little Hermanus slope fun trainer for my God daughter, in time for Hermanus 2007. The "mini" version of the classic Dave Hooker "Sagitta Eater" rudder elevator plane being in mind. There has been a fair bit of RC Groups discussion on converting little free flight foamies to RC but these always looked grisly and unappealing, especially to a little girl child. Then these little gems came up in discussions and might be good fun for a hundred buck investment - even got that micro "Sagitta Eater" look....... ;-)

MINI RAY (Euro 10.59)
No. HC 1120A Rainbow HC 1120B Red HC1120C Smarties
Technical data
Wingspan: 515 mm
Length: 420 mm
Weight: 30 g

For a larger life look:

These along with some really neat looking craft from this on line shop:


In the gas bag "Sagitta Eater" look like category, this little 60 incher off the interesting range really took the eye:

RAY ARF (Euro 83.09)

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