21 February 2010

Back to the roots of this blog

Blew the V tail off the e2MREv in its first flight thermal at Summerveld on very hot Sunday morning and trashed it good (rats, should have followed Barnsey's bolt on tail good advice) but stayed on to see the maiden of Dennis Bird's new Mouldy and the Nelsons klap the 2M section of the postals. Heading home about 1:30 pm, I decided to have a quick ten minute flight on the DMC macro at Springfield. That turned out a bit longer in the pleasant conditions and then the folk began to creep out the woodwork. First Robbie Pirie [top], here having a burn on the DMC Macro and then, hallelujah, Ziggy and Wendy [second down] with the brand new Kilburton and three other older toys.

Dave Shaller then turned up to maiden his Hooker Phase [third down], along with his youngsters. Flew a treat but then Springfield bit as it only can and he had to walk a long way to retrieve in the searing heat, he was shattered.

Blimey, last time I saw Mike Thomson [fourth down], there was no grey. Mike had the DMC assembled Fuego and had been bullied in to new mode 2 radio - Russ do something about this and convert Mike back on to old school mode 1 fast! Enticed Mike on to the Macro for a short spell for right idea.....

Mike took these last three action shots whilst Wendy amazingly filmed Ziggy flying the whole afternoon!

Once Ziggy tamed the elevator throw induced flutter, he soon had the Kilburton doing knife edge and all manner of gyrations..... The links to Wendy's video of the Kilburtin below:

Having flown myself out, I prattled on endlessly about the magic Toss events, seemingly convincing Wendy who only now has to convince Ziggy to get their butts down there.....! Eventually cruised out after six pm, a dehydration basket case but so worth it to be back with kindred spirits on our namesake slope.....

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