12 February 2010

NMPRA Formula One e Racing

The US pylon mob are developing a cheap and cheerful Formula One e racing class and I sent through some links to Kzn pylon's Pete Sherliker and John Dorse, Pete in returned sending me back these pics of his own local development in that regard - with his comments:

Dave a bit behind the times attached my version of F1 E to NMPRA rules well almost Fus is full epoxy glass all else within rules still got problems re motor seems to get out of sync at 14000 plus that's on APC 9x7 or 8-5x7.5 9x6 would produce + - 18000 model is based on Lil Toni 52 in wingspan 375 sg in wing is QM40 polecat reduced to 52 all other dim same as polecat Motor Turnigy 35x42 1250 kv esc 60 amp himodel batt 4s 2500 30C goes like Q500 BUT Can't hold full throttle to long,with 5S probably = qm 40. Wing is foam core 1/16 balsa sheeted, tail built up but don't bother only saves you 5 gr all hinges plastic film as per my Witblitz ie top hinged using the film. could make fus and cores avail reckon with 10x6 and 3S make great sport plane, looking for alternate motor with larger 5 or 6 mm shaft to same dimensions as per NMPRA rules reckon 4mm too small for torque produced any idea's.


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