18 February 2010

Lunch time waffle - slope sections

Having been quite impressed at the light air performance of Bobby Purnell's Vector with its symmetrical SD8020 section on the second day of Toss 2010, I was pondering the potential of blending the E374 at root and SD8020 at tip on a foam veneer wing (the Chris Foss Phase 5 wing uses a very similar root/tip blend, albeit in ribs). That wing layout maybe with this foam veneer option fitted to a Phase 5 fuse might be a nice future project. Our KZN experience of slope symmetrical sections has been quite iffy to date, so the blend makes a lot of sense here.....

Co-incidentally, we had been looking for suitable 25e size plane to maybe do a bit of novice power aerobatics mid year on a reasonable three cell count. Mark Savage mentioned that he had really enjoyed flying the Eflite Diamante 25 for some aerobatic play, so it was quite a surprise to come across this bit of advert commentary on that plane using, you guessed it, the same SD8020 section - with some explanation as to its sweet nature in light stuff (for a symmetrical section):
"The E-flite® Diamante 25e ARF was designed by champion pilot Peter Goldsmith to provide intermediate to experienced pilots a precision aerobatics platform with excellent stability and benign stall characteristics. At the heart of this design is the SD8020 airfoil that provides excellent tracking and crisp response in any axis. It is also extremely resistant to accelerated stalls so you’ll feel like you’re on rails in any attitude."

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