24 August 2010

Change of direction to NE at Will Hill

After enjoying two magic sessions at the Ziggy Inanda SW sites, it was logical to explore the Umgeni valley further from the NE perspective. Like Ziggy with the SW site, Will had also long enthused about this North East slope. I am not sure if it was the onset of flu or the sheer steepness but I got vertigo like never before and had to decline launching Johan's Limit EX! Allan Rumney was first off with a Zagi but, as it typical with NE slopes on hot days, there were huge thermals but also equally nasty patches of sink! Lucky Allan had his climbing boots on and was later able to enjoy some magic flying with his other craft. The first pic is from the right side of the huge bowl and a look to the far side suggests this slope is not for the faint hearted. Probably the first time I have enjoyed doing perpetual Cuben Eights and Double Immelmans with the Macro! Things got smoother and more consistent as the afternoon wore on and Bill Williams, Will Cranmer and Marco joined us just as things began tapering off altogether. Another awesome KZN coastal mountain top venue and the local crows took a shine to flying formation with Johan's little Limit EX, probably because they were bigger than the Limit EX!

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