10 August 2010

Mount Frere slope soaring bowl

Some years ago, whilst travelling through the Transkei, we stopped off at this amazing slope bowl site at the south exit of Mount Frere and, whilst standing with gentle breeze blowing on our faces, I determined to return one day armed with RC slope foamy glider to experience this amazing slope. That trip was made this past weekend but alas the wind it was from the Berg and all that could be done was to take the pics - placing the pics end to end would some idea of the awesome slope amphitheater this would be.

The teeny black spots in the third pic from top are cattle......!

The Mount Frere main street was made all the more distinctive by the vertical sign - click on the bottom pic (for the contradiction in terms.......?)

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Veliswa said...

Oh wow! This are very beutiful pictures, when were they taken? This is my home town, wow I miss my grandmother now, this pictures are very nice.