10 August 2010

Slope visit to Ziggy Slopemust mountain

Ziggy (Stardust, gettit...? ok not to worry ;-) found this gem slope site quite while back through Google but only got to fly it in ultra light conditions. The Women's day forecast from Johan Moelich was for a SW bluster so Russ fired us up for visit to this awesome site for sheer experience or even as future potential "seeerious" slope contest work.
We blindly followed Russ up from Ziggy's directions but the return trip revealed pure simplicity - just follow all signs to the Imbeka High School!!!

The Dion Thompson Wasp was the first flight guinea pig - the upward blast bringing forth much whooping from the pilots.
Then it was Johan's teeny Limit Ex - like I have never seen a Limit Ex go at warp factor 3. Johan's Toko also just never stopped shrieking......

The best was saved toward the end and, after flying our aerobats, was Russ's four metre Scale Ash 26 that really spread its wings in the smooth but powerful air.

For the Cape folk, combine the smoothness of Smitswinkle with the power of Red Hill and you get the idea. For the locals, combine the Switchblade smooth NE air with the grunt of Switchblade SW side and times two......

Thanks to Johan for the co-ords:
29° 38' 39" S, 30° 50' 29" E
It took some getting used to feeling so little wind on the top because the cliff nature of the slope meant the wind was shooting right over the humans. When the bluster arrived in earnest, it meant really patient landing time but little or no damage to the eight craft flown.

An ideal slope contest spot with another NE option only a couple of kays away.